Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Money and Banking Part Two

The purpose of all these helpful conversations--with parents, coaches, counselors, maybe even with friends--is to create a bank of ideas from which to make the necessary withdrawals. If you can build a list of personal characteristics that recommend you to the colleges, and another list of possible lenses (events, experiences, thoughts, reflections) that will allow the college admission director to see and understand these characteristics, you can consider yourself ready to write.

Don't sit down in front of your computer and start writing your first application. You will find that the name/address data is easy and then the essays will stop you cold.

Spend some time on your list--ask Mom what she thinks is your strength, ask Ms. Wormwood what kind of student she thinks you are. Once you've got a bank of ideas, try answering one of the application essay questions. If your first answer choice doesn't come easily, try a different option from the list.

Keeping a "bank" of ideas is the best way to feel in control of your answers and never at a loss for words.

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