Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Other Resources

Remember that before you write anything, you need to have a focus: a quality about yourself that isn't going to be apparent from the rest of the application. Back on the 23rd, we were talking about the role your parent(s) might play in your essay. If you get along decently with them, you have the opportunity to exploit their first-hand and adoring knowledge of you. Ask them about your talents and strengths and they will have ideas...and interesting stories.

Your teachers may also be willing to share ideas about who you are and where your talents lie.

Coaches can share useful insights.

And please don't discount your guidance counselor. She's busy, no doubt. But armed with an action plan and some ideas about college choices and essays topics, you can capture her attention. It's easy to say, "She blew me off" or "She doesn't really know me." Puh-lease. Get your lazy little butt in there--don't be the slacker kid who blames the system because his application process isn't delivered with a side of fries. Do the homeowrk, build some groundwork, and be tenacious. You'll be surprised how welcoming and helpful your counselor will be if you are persistent, grateful, and "on the case" yourself.

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